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There's no way to say this easily, so I won't.
Those hoping to see "Dillion: Cold Blood" in graphic novel form will be disappointed. After the attempt to create a snow prop to present snow built up around a hangar- and not liking the result the more I looked at it- I've gone back and looked at my list of what I need for this story and it's not going to work.
 I still need a downtown with snow-
 An estate and hangar with snow-
An entire spaceport with snow-
A second estate with snow-

And I simply lack both the skills and the proper modeling programs to pull this off.
As such, using what I do have to create the cover, the story will be presented in prose form.

My apologies to those expecting another graphic novel. I wrote this story for the express intention of doing a story that was not set in good weather, but it just wasn't meant to be.
Sometimes, our reach does exceed our grasp.
Somehow, despite my lack of modeling skills and artistic intentions ( I'm just a story teller if anything), I've managed to aquire 200  watchers. I do thank all of you for putting up with me and my trials and tribulations. Hope you'll stick around for the foreseeable future- got lots more stories to come.

Thank you every body!

We lost the Princess today:…
There is a boy, he's five years old. He lives in North Carolina here in the States. He's fighting Leukemia. The doctors say he's currently in remission, but he has at least 3 more years of treatments.
   All he wants for Christmas are Christmas cards. Mine's going out in the morning.
  Here's his mailing address:
   Hayden Drake
   1637 Lum Buck Rd.
   Greenville, NC 27858

I'm asking everyone to send him a card. Especially those folks who don't live here in the States. I think he'd get a big kick out of getting a Christmas card from Britain, or Germany or Australia.

Considering what tomorrow is here in the United States, I came across an idea or two I'd like to share:

                                               "The tools of conquest do not necessarily
                                                come with bombs and explosions and
                                                fallout. There are weapons that are
                                                simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices-
                                                to be found only in the minds of men.
                                                For the record, prejudices can kill and
                                                suspicion can destroy and a thoughtless,
                                                frightened search for a scapegoat has a
                                                fallout all of its own for the children... and
                                                children still unborn.

                                                And the pity of it is that these things
                                                cannot be confined to...The Twilight Zone!"
                                                                                 -Rod Serling  1960
     The following is an opinion- MY opinion. I don't expect everyone to agree with me- in fact, I'm certain that some will not.
     But the Freedom of Speech is a guaranteed right in this country and it's a right I will exercise till the day I die...

     There are those in this country that are trying to ignore certain facts about this country. They are trying to ignore the fact that the American Indians shared  their food with those British Puritans that first winter they spent on this continent- ignoring the fact that they would have died without that help.
     They are trying to ignore that historical fact of the Southern plantation owners using African slaves to pick their cotton.
     They are trying to turn away from the history of the Chinese laborers that worked- and slaved- to build our railroads.
     They are trying to ignore the women of WWII that kept the munition plants running, enabling us to defeat the greatest evil this planet had ever known.
     This is NOT a one-race country.
     This is NOT a one gender country.
     This is NOT a one-religion country.
     This is NOT a one culture country.
     If there is such a thing as a multi-cultural nation anywhere on this planet, the United States is that country- and we should be proud of the diversity and the combinations that have come out of it.
     We are the UNITED States. This country was built by Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations long before the phrase was ever coined.
     There are those in this country that are trying to deny that fact- to keep it from being recognized.
     God help us if they succeed.
Which version of Stylish to I need to get rid of that D(&*%^m submit block in the middle of my gallery? With the submit option at the top of the screen, it's not needed and it's obnoxious.
The briefing room model I built for my stories- minus the Trek-specific touches- is now for sale at Vanishing Point:

Briefing-Room--Revised by mdbruffy…
At vanishing Point:…

Hanger deck
Original model scene by mdbruffy
Another day, another model. My model of Skylab is now available at vanishingpoint:…

Skylab- revisited by mdbruffy
Don't know if this is allowed or not, But I'll do it and if DA wants to, they can pull the journal.

I have my first models up for sale at vanishingpoint.…

Take a look.

        They’d gone to bed like they always did. Everything seemed fine. Next morning, she woke.

         He did not- and never would.

         The tears did not come then. Even as the medical team came and confirmed the death, she didn’t let it show. She’d learned that showing it wasn’t the Vulcan way.

         Yet, as condolence messages came in from all over the Union, she felt more and more detached as the day went on. 

         Sarek and Amanda came home. She wouldn’t see them- couldn't see them as the shock and loss built within her.

         Finally, by evening, she knew she had to get away from all the attention. She just started wandering. First, just around Shir’kar. But everywhere she went, memories were there.

         As the sun began to set, she found herself at the Pon Farr Arena with no memory of how she got there. For a long time, she just stood near the fire pit, looking up at the darkening sky. Then she closed her eyes as she began to tremble and the shakes tried to envelop her.

        She fell to her knees and closed her eyes as tears ran down her face.

        Somehow Tam was there with her arms around her, holding her as the crying consumed her. She was vaguely aware of Shev standing nearby as they both gave her their strength and their compassion, proving to her the she was not alone in her grief.

Not Alone in her Grief by mdbruffy



I don't normally boast about it when I add a new folder to my gallery. But this time I'll make an exception. I've spoken elsewhere about G.S.Davis and how he was one of the first to give Nova Trek a home on his Tamerlane site. Well, some time ago, hackers managed to access the site and mess it up for everyone. The site's been on the critical list since then as Guy deals with making repairs in and around dealing with Real Life.
  So, I offered to post his Tamerlane stories in my gallery. They're good stories- a different take on the usual.  Only 3 so far, but Guy says there's more to come.
  So, without any further ado...

    "Space, the Final Frontier. These are the final voyages of the destroyer Tamerlane, in the closing days of her Twenty-five year mission.
To Serve and Protect, To Watch and Defend, To Boldly stay and hold the line..."

T1- Tamerlane-The Last Night of the Year by mdbruffy

T2-Tamerlane-By-Her-Reason-Swayed by mdbruffy

Mature Content

T3- The Champion by mdbruffy

And for those who might be wondering, the Tamerlane's appearance in my 3 part story, "A Tale of Two Captains", takes place after "The Champion".
It's unusual for me to promote someone else's artwork- in fact, this is the first time. But I've just come across JPKLien's art here at DA and if you're not familiar with it, they have a very good grasp of the 40's and 50's pin-up style. If you haven't seen any of their work, it'd definately be time well spent to take a look:…
This question is for the sci-fi and Original Trek fans- the ones that like to do size comparison charts.
The original Klingon Bird-of-prey seen in Star Trek III and IV. how big is it compared to their K'tinga-class? I have both in my next graphic novel and I don't want to get the sizes wrong.
Thanks in advance for any help.
     Okay, I've tried to keep quiet on this, but the more fan art I see based on this insanity, the harder it's become until I simply can't remain silent anymore.
     Why is  everyone accepting this new BS from DC Comics? Is there anyone out there that has not heard of this madness? No, I'm not talking about 'New 52'- although that was bad enough. No, I'm talking about how they're ruining Batgirl:…

      This character has been around since the 1960's- 1967 in fact. She's always been portrayed as a strong,  intelligent character. Even when she was confined to a wheelchair, she was one of the better stand-out characters DC had.
       Then came the Nightmare they call 'New 52'. Instead of coming up with a cure that would get her out of the chair and work within the world of Batman and his family, they pull a South Africa experimental clinic out of left field.
       Now, as if that's bad not enough, they've decided to trash the character even more.
       Why is everyone taking this so damn calmly? Isn't there anyone in Fandom- or the offices at DC-with the backbone to stand up and say "This is wrong! You're trashing a character that's lasted for 47 years! If you truly despise  her that much, why don't you simply kill her off and be done with it?"
      There's nothing great or awesome about this attempted make-over. It makes her look like a damn 12 year old playing dress-up. "I want to be Batgirl when I grow up!"
      PLEASE, some one buy DC out and clean house!
      There was nothing wrong with the pre-52 universe. DC was just too damn lazy to bring in fresh writers that knew what they were doing.
I came across this poem a long time ago- it was in an issue of Starlog Magazine way back in the mid 70's. I don't know who wrote it. But I've saved the clipping all these years as a reminder of what NOT to use in my stories. If anyone knows who wrote this feel free to chip in and say.

This is also the real reason Janet Kirk has claustrophobia:

Captured? Prisoners? How can this be?
"My communicator doesn't work;
How can I contact my crew?"
Muttered a worried Captain Kirk.

Others shared his captivity,
The door they sought to unlock.
"Are there any signs of a key hole?"
Asked Commander Adama of
Commander Spock.

"Cylons?" "Klingons?" "Sandmen?"
"Who could our captors be?"
A frown crossed Admiral Nelson,
"They must be mutants from the sea."

"Monsters! Creatures! We're doomed!
I'm far too young to die!"
Cried Dr. Smith from the corner
All but hiding behind Colonel Tigh.

Dr. McCoy scowled in disgust.
Captain Crane thrust a fist at the door.
Logan 5 sought escape through the ceiling...
While Rem searched the same in the floor.

Will Robinson asked of someone near
"Isn't there anything we can do?"
"Alas, we travel through time, not stone,"
Replied Drs. Phillips, Newman and Who.

"Look! Here! I've found a way!"
Every eye turned toward the cheerful voice.
"Will it work? Is it safe?"
"It had better be." "It's our only choice."

"I guess we'd better get going,"
Offered Colonel Deering with a smile.
"If it's a trap,"Added Buck Rogers,
"At least we'll be going in style."

The way was clear and unhindered.
"I'd say our luck's indeed fine,"
Said Commander Koenig while
Dr. Russell quickly stepped into line.

Soon the room grew very quiet.
"We've made it!" Someone laughed,
As the last of the prisoners escaped
through the ventilator shaft!
I just received another compliment. The one hundredth person has added me to their Deviantwatch. I am shocked to say the least. I never expected any where near that many people to be interested in my efforts at art and story telling.
To me that means more than the number of pageviews- which is over 9,000. Because, if someone is watching, then that means they're going out of their way to see everything I post. That is a much bigger compliment than the occasional view and I want to take this chance to say "Thank you" to all my Watchers for hanging around and putting up with me.

Thank you!!
     I don't want to write this- in fact, I've been trying to resist this for two days now, But it seems I need to clarify a few things about how I work when it comes to my models and Nova Trek.
     First, off, I do work for a living- 6:30 AM to 2:30 PM Monday through Friday. Allowing for errands and other real life factors, I may not sit down at the computer till 4 PM- or later. This leaves about 6 hours to get anything done.
     When I sit down to work on Nova Trek, the first thing is to finalize the script. Once it's revised and last minute ideas are worked in, I make a list of what I need for that story in terms of ships, characters, props, sets, costumes and so on. In the case of the next story- "Last Voyage of the Sundown", this resulted in a two column list that filled all of one page.
     I then go through my files and Runtime and find what I already have- which is usually less than half of what I need. Then I check the internet- groups, forums and online stores. Usually I can find one or two items that way.
     Then it's time to start building what I still need. Getting the process to this point- getting the sets and ships and characters and costumes and props all built to my specifications can take anywhere from 2 to 3 months- barring dying external drives and faulty programs.
     Once everything is built textured and ready to use- only then, do I actually start doing what I call "The story art". These are the actual renders I need for the illustrations- and depending on the page, that can mean anything from 1-6 panels per page. Some evenings, if I'm lucky I might get half a page- 2-3 renders- done. Then comes the dialogue, word balloons and captions.
     Then after all the pages are ready- that can be anywhere from 80 to 130 pages- They all have to be combined into a single PDF file.
  This process takes roughly a year from the outline to the PDF. So any models I build are - understandably- going to be for Nova Trek first, then If I decide to release it, it's up to others to adapt said model for their use.
   Like I said at the top of this, I didn't want to write this- didn't want to come over sounding like a snob giving a lecture, But some clarification seemed to be necessary.
It's a fact that Tyranny and Truth have always been on opposite sides. That's because Tyranny can not exist in the face of Truth.
   Unjust governments throughout history have fallen to revolution  brought about by the revelation of truth.
    Tyrants are afraid of Truth- it's fatal to them and their rule. As such, they try to avoid it- bury it, burn it- and in this day and age, shut it down or delete it.
    But like the Cattle Barons of the 1800's that burned down newspapers that opposed them, the tyrants of today- Governments, corporations, websites- forgot one thing:
    There's always another newspaper, another website, another forum where the truth can be brought to light- and it has to be.
    The truth must be heard and seen or civilization itself will fall. No country, state, city- relationship- can be built on a foundation of lies and cover-ups and expect to survive. All the failed dictators of history have learned that lesson far too late.
   But if the foundation is that of Truth, it'll be firm and solid and any future lies simply will not fit.
   Truth and Tyranny, Honesty and Lies- eternal opposites that- when combined- have caused nothing but pain throughout the centuries.
   Eventually, one way or another- in one place or another- the Truth will get out and there's nothing all the tyrants and dictators can do to stop it.